Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The ultimate nothing

.. as in NO thing

I came across the following useful site. Just by chance.

It's a great parody on so many sites out there that have created yet another killer app that is must have any professional user. This is a piece of software that does nothing. NaDa™ is just the thing for those little companies who think they have reinvented and improved the wheel.

As the name suggest NaDa™ does nothing for anybody and better still, is compatible with all Operating Systems. The download is just 1 byte!

This idea can be stretched

One can hardly call this software it is much more than that. It is the ultimate, purest form of software. The Mother of all Software. I coin the new type of Noware (© 2006 Roho). Not to be mistaken with vaporware.

This almost feels like something that can be mashed together in Web 2.0.

Hmm, if only I had not so much programming skills ...