Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Taking a stand

.. now you take an aim

So I have taken a stand at Standpoint.com. Another one of those Web 2.0 applications out there.

What is it?

Taking a stand on Standpoint.com involves stating something you believe in. Interesting examples can be found:

  • You should not go hunting with Dick Cheney
  • men are aliens and women are goddesses
  • Most people used to believe that the earth was flat
  • Firefox is better than Internet Explorer

It is very easy to then agree or disagree with these standpoints. You can easily add what you believe instead. It gives a very interesting discussion without the usual flaming you find on the Internet. You can only put forward arguments supporting your believe or that take down the standpoint of another person.

Just for fun I have put in some myself. See what happens with them. I have added a link to my believes in the sidebar on the right to keep you all informed of them. Or just click the following button.