Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Blogging and workload

.. a strange interaction

This week on A List Apart Ryan Carson wrote an interesting article: The Four-Day Week Challenge. In it he describes that he and his wife used to work long hours five or more days a week and never really had the feeling they finished anything. His wife proposed to work less; four days a week and limit the number of hours. This seems strange, but it worked for them. Read the article for the details.

Now my situation

We are at this moment working towards the release at the end of this month of a completely new web site. Normally one would expect that during those final weeks every developer is working franticly to reach the date, fixing bugs and adding the inevitable last minute extra feature.

But no, not here. It is oh so quiet on the western and eastern front.


During these doldrums of work I have virtually stopped blogging. (I have forced myself today in to writing some stuff again).

Apparently, when the workload is less I can not seem to find time or inspiration to wrote for my blog. This seems weird.

Must be a great theory and an article in this phenomenon.


Since writing this post I am blogging like a waterfall again. Hmmm, weird, considering that I still have a negative workload.