Thursday, May 11, 2006

The spread of the fox

.. is it still spreading?

Now, I am blogging about browsers. Let's revisit an older post. In January of this year I posted about the spread of Firefox as reported by the XiTiMonitor. There are new numbers available. Let's compare the old and the new ones.

The old numbers

The new numbers

Overall we see a little increase in percentages, although some countries have dropped a little bit (Ireland, United Kingdom). This is mainly caused by the fact that XiTiMonitor now used measurements of an entire week and not just one Sunday as in the previous report. And in this report they also show that the share of Firefox usage in the weekend is slightly higher than during the week. Firefox support in companies is still a problem.

Other countries have gained a bit more than average, Romania, Ukraine.

Here is link to an English version of the XiTiMonitor Firefox survey in PDF.

So, is it spreading?

I think that the numbers in this latest survey are more to the point. (The previous 'Sunday-only' numbers were rightfully questioned by

I think, it shows that Firefox has taken a steady beachhead in Europe. The trend will show in the next reports as we can then compare the same type of numbers.