Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Firefox? Why use Firefox?

.. you need a reason?

Anyone out there still does not get it: why use Firefox for browsing the web? You nee a reason? What about a million reasons?

some random contributions
  • Its said to be safest
  • It's being actively developed.
  • It's Microsoft-free
  • Itis modifiable
  • at first the safety...then STUMBLE
  • fully customizable
  • i think the logo is sooo cute
  • Extensions!!!
  • Im takin back the web?
  • because i like a browser that crashes randomly whenever
  • CSS Compliance
  • It's free and was built for Linux. Why not?
  • Adblock + Flashblock + Abe Vagoda Status = Firefox wins

Mine is #1978.

Add some more.