Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Yes we went live

.. and without any major glitches

Yesterday was the the biggest milestone in the project that had this weird end. The website that we have been building for the last year and in the time before that exploring in several Proofs of Concept. It had been a struggle at times with new technology, getting specifications sorted out, having a deadline before we had any specifications, struggles within our department, new people, struggling with a not very performing CMS and going through burning hoops to get it to perform etc. etc. You know, the usual stuff that happens in any major project. For some reasons they always happen.

Yesterday we had breakfast with champagne to celebrate the event and after that we were allowed to "enjoy the achievement a bit", which meant just staying in and doing as little as we did over the last couple of weeks.

Only the usual little problems popped up that kept some of us from really "enjoying the achievement a bit".

I think we pulled off quite an impressive job, but also think that we have just set a first step on a long road ahead.