Thursday, May 11, 2006

Is browser A better than browser B?

.. or is it poor website coding?

Sometimes a small post can trigger a comment and sometimes a small comment can trigger a post.

What is this about?

Yesterday I wrote a small post about a website that collecting a million reasons to use Firefox. I thought it is a funny site. I do not think that all these reasons are based on facts or whatever. Just plain fun. Period.


Some people's toes are always stepped upon. I was just showing a random list of quotes. And I received a comment.

The safest Browser is actually Opera. As for the other reasons, get the facts:

Anyhow, I do not think that that site mentioned shows the 'facts'. Yes, it does adds a grain of salt to most 'myths' although not all the myths are myths.

As a web designer / developer I was triggered by the so called myths about W3C Standards compatibility. IE would support those better because it shows more sites 'correctly' than Firefox. This is a very subjective approach. If according to the code as described by the W3C Standards a menu should be below the content and thus be unclickable in Firefox and if IE uses another interpretation and shows the menu on the left side fully functional: which browser is better?. I think that the web developer did a very poor job. Do not blame the messenger. It could very well be that the developer developed for and tested in IE only.

Bottom line

I am quite fond of Firefox. I have Opera installed as well and IE 6 and IE 7 and Flock and Lynx. Yes, I am developer. I always start out with designing in Firefox and then see if it looks good in the other browsers. From there I move on to an Apple and test it in various browsers there as well. My principle: Design for the best, test for the rest.

I have become addicted to Firefox and a list of extensions. I have always found that Opera was a bit too different in GUI and I never felt completely at ease on first sight. And the ads that existed in previous versions just put me off. When Opera dropped those I was already addicted to Firefox. Now I don't see enough reasons to switch.