Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Create more accessible web-sites and get found more easily

.. just proving: common sense works all the way

I am always eager to read a new A List Apart issue. Usually they come up with interesting aspects of web design. This time they have interesting article: High Accessibility Is Effective Search Engine Optimization. In it is made clear that making your site more accessible will also make it more search engine friendly.

I find it almost amazing that so much of the good practices in web design come down to just using simple, common sense. It is no rocket science.

When you try like me to create

  • fast-loading,
  • accessible,
  • maintainable and
  • findable web sites,

you will find that these different aspects do not cancel each other out. Aiming for the one does not mean missing the other. In fact the same solution applies to all. A solution for one problem is a benefit to the other. This article shows how making a site accessible also benefits your findability. Building with the Standards in mind gives so many benefits you wonder why not everyone is doing it.

Yet another business case!

The fact that creating an accessible site also gives a better and more search engine friendly page is great business case that we can show to our customers. It's a win-win situation: a better accessible site for visitors and a site that is easier indexed by the search engines and thus found by potential customers.

Yet another reason to not do Black Hat SEO!

Many black hat SEO consultants use all sorts of hidden links and texts which makes the pages less accessible for screen readers and the like. Abandoning these tricks will maken better pages and in the end the pages will score better in the search engines.