Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Google Analytics - first impressions

.. can leave big dents!

I was a bit impatient I must admit, but sometimes twelve hours can seem like forty. (Which they actually were and thus increasing my impatience.) But the first results are in. Google Analytics has delivered my first report. And man, I am impressed. This looks horribly cool and there is so much to explore.

Ok, the numbers are not impressive, but I am not one of the Internet Big Shots (yet). I have only just started to make some more relevant content on this bog. At least trying hard to do so. Hard work is needed to get these lines going up and staying up. I now have another tool that gives me an incredible amount of information my visitors. Which will help me to find out how to make things better.

Those hoping for a full review I must disappoint. I haven't looked closely at all the reports and the possibilities, but I know that for most websites this could be more than they would ever need. For the really big sites with multiple on-line wizard-style buying forms the number of funnels (4) might be a problem. But there is so much to explore.

I will try to go through the reports and find out what the use for me or the not so average website owner could be. When I have raked together some insight I will get back on this.

Stay tuned.