Friday, November 04, 2005

Take cover!

.. he's doing it again!

Neuronix has done it again. Every time I just jokingly make some weird remark about something that probably might never have happened, he manages to find the unbelievable fact.

He had an entry about covered songs scoring a hit after about 18 to 19 years after being a hit the first time. He proposed that this might be an ideal time to pass for a song to be covered. Interesting theory, could use some more research. Anyhow, I was triggered by 19 and I recalled Paul Hardcastle's hit 19. A great song from the eighties and probably impossible to cover. So I mentioned that in a comment on his blog.

What happens next?

He comes back with a new entry: A tribute is not enough for some and in that he mentions a band that has actually covered the song!

Neuronix, go get a life ;-)