Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Playing with Google Analytics

.. and having fun

The first results are in and oh boy there is so much to explore. Just a few glimpses of resulting graphs below.

Overall Keyword Conversion
Overal Keyword Conversion

This shows all the keywords used by visitors who landed on my blog. A funny feature is that by clicking on the colored square in the legend you let that part of the pie slide out.

Besides that, this is a very interesting statistic. Not only does it show what keywords people use, but also the unexpected results that show up. I would have never guessed that anyone would ever use the searchterm:

formula one celebration champagne size

And yes, apparently my blog is optimized for that ;-)

Referring Source
Referring Source

The referring sources show how good your link building is succeeding. Not too bad, I should think.

Geo Map Overlay
Geo Map Overlay

This Geo Map Overlay chart should maybe better be named Ego Map Overlay! Since I can now show off that I have readers of my blog all over the planet. Even just off the coast of South America.

So, I am a man over the world, I've been around,eh. Nudge, nudge, say no more!