Sunday, November 27, 2005

Writeboard and Basecamp

.. are made from the right stuff

I briefly mentioned it in a previous post: Writeboard.

It's an online collaborative word processor with version control. Limited maybe when compared with Word when looking at the make up possibilities, but way better in the collaboration area and miles ahead in versioning. And who needs all the fancy font styles when working together with someone maybe many miles away. Or in the office next door.

Oh yes, this sure is something very clever. The guys from 37Signals are clever

Basecamp is a great project manmagement tool. That does not have the 253 options of the Swiss Army knife named Microsoft project, but it holds the bare essentials. Anything you need to set up a project and keep your project members informed about everything. Anything you need but nothing you do no need.

I know, I am not the first to find or use it. But so far, I am absolutely impressed by the sheer genius that these applications hold: simplicity on the outside and probably also on the inside. I can but guess about the inside, but performance of the applications is plain outstanding.

Basecamp logo Writeboard logo Ruby on Rails logo

Every thing is build with Ruby on Rails. From what I have seen so far and after having created my first Hello World-like applications I conclude this is a very interesting way of developing.

Ah, so many great things to do and so, little time to do them.

I didn't even mention Backpack and Ta-da List yet.