Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The "In between days"

.. are all over me

The days between Christmas and New Year are filled with usefulness and laziness. I need input from functional designers and others to keep going with my current projects and apparently these guys have way more leave than I because they can take off much much longer than I can. True, I have to admit that I will be away starting Friday for ten days, but they were already off well before Christmas.

Since, they have a large say in the web applications I am now building I am stuck. I have hit some problems that have multiple possible solutions. Each of these have different implications and they need to make the decision. On the one hand in order to know the consequences. On the other hand so I will not be blamed for doing everything the way I want without consulting. And then finding myself undoing all the nice changes I had made.

Again true, I have now some experience with their decisions: they always pick the option that I rule out completely. So, using that knowledge I could go for the most unlikely option and have their blessing afterwards. But only once every so often they select the better option and I cannot as yet predict when such a unique moment occurs. That would mean that just bluntly going for the less intelligent option will still have big chance of wasting my time on it.

I feel another version of Murphy's law is active here.

Roho's first variation of Murphy's law
When there are multiple options to choose from you will always pick the wrong one.

Years of experience have also taught me the following.

Roho's second variation of Murphy's law
The easiest way to solve a problem is always the most difficult to undo.

So, which ever option I implement I will always fail. If failure is guaranteed then why start at all?

Even more wisdom has shown me that which ever option you pick it is never the best one.

Roho's third variation of Murphy's law
When you pick a way to solve a problem your solution will always be the most elaborate one and will not solve the problem in the end.

Anyhow, Murphy always beats you.


Take a deep breath and surpress any urge to start work.