Monday, December 12, 2005

A less than productive day at the office

.. so why not blog a little?

Just, had a great long, long weekend. Four days in total. Loved every minute of it.

Now, on Monday I returned to the office and logged in. I noticed some programs not starting. Hmm. I looked a bit further some of my desktop items were missing. Uh oh!I started Firefox and it asked which settings to import. Uh oh! My extensions and everything so precious were gone. Uh oh!

helpful supportdesk personel

Uh oh!

So, it was getting on the phone to the dreaded support desk. I start at seven they start at eight.Uh oh! Wait a while. Finally, I get them on the phone.

Flamboyant support person
Have you tried rebooting your system?

Uh oh! Yes, I did. I'll do it again. I suggest to do restore of my profile.

Flamboyant support person
I think we need to do a restore.

Uh oh! I make it clear that I need it rather quickly or I can not do any work.

After waiting another while there is a restore. It's from the same day as was already present on my machine. Uh oh!

Flamboyant support person
I think we need to do another restore.

More time passes and I have finished reading about anything with letters on it. Then the second restore is done. Still not much has been found. I decide I'll leave at this. They are wasting my time as well as their own.

I am now seven hours further and still trying to fix my broken installations of Visual Studio and Firefox. Luckily I had documented my extensions and my Greasemonkey scripts.

Just a little time remains before a meeting and then I can go home and be a coach potato. Sigh!