Wednesday, December 07, 2005


.. bringing all your stuff together on one page

So you are into the fast lane. You are paddling along with all the others at the forefront of the web. At least you think you do. You have started a blog on Blogger, you upload your pictures to Flickr, you keep your bookmarks like forever already in You are sure that you have all sorts of RSS feeds of all these sources. You have even combined the lot in a single Feedburner feed. So anyone can now keep track of all your interests, opinions and pictures.

Wow, you are web 2.0 savvy.

But many of your friends are not that savvy. They do not know what RSS means or what they can do with it. What's a RSS feed reader?

Once again there is a solution. You can now use superglue to stick all this together. At you can sign up and add your feeds and have these "glued" together into one web page. Send the URL to your friends and they have an easy way to know all they should know about you.

This is my Suprglu page.