Thursday, December 15, 2005

What's in a name?

.. or there is no coincidence

In November I ran the Seven Hills Run in Nijmegen and I did a few posts about that. Nothing special to that.

Now some weeks later an anonymous reader of my blog posts a comment to one of the entries.

i don't know how you came up with roho2003, but my high school cross-country team won the New England competition in 2003, and our team cheer was "Roho"... crazy.

The weird part is that for reason people are shouting "Roho" as encouragement to each other. Even weirder is the fact that this lead to winning the New England cross-country competition.

However, miracles and coincidences do not exits or if they do, the exist for a reason. Taking this a bit further leads me to some powerful conclusions:

  • "Roho" is a strong word.
  • "Roho" is a worldwide spontaneous expression having the same feeling of success about it.
  • "Roho" is associated with achieving things, sports and winning.
  • "Roho" can be shouted.
  • "Roho" is stabilizing factor in the hectic world of today.

OK, I might just run away with my enthusiasm now, but hey it's about me!

Feet back on the ground

Let's get back to reality. I have used the name "Roho" since my days at the Dutch equivalent of high school (yes, more and more coincidental links) and have kept these up through my time at the Delft Technical University. Back then people even called me by that name.

I have always wanted to start my own business, become my own boss. (Just so I could argue with myself about how bad things were organized.) And I always knew that that business would be called "Roho Products". And indeed in 2003 (!) I set this up. The main focus of my company is building websites. Though I do some basic system management and Windows development as well.

Coming back to what "Roho" stands for. It is quite simple the first two letters of my first and my last name. The "2003" bit is just the year that I add at the end. In 2003 I started this blog and only recently I have found enough time to keep it updated on a regular basis.


Finally, I would like to know how anyone can come up with using "Roho" as way to cheer a cross country team to victory? Please, any member of that team enlighten me. I could not find out quickly which team it is, but if someone would add that as well I am prepared to include a photo of that victorious lot.

Now, back to work. First some coffee though. It is still early.